Alpha Alert! Get Your Free QAnon Money for a Hot Girl Summer

I am fully aware that the economy is in worse shape than Kelly Clarkson, so I am sure that all of you are going to be happy to have a little extra coin jingling around in your pockets.

Anyway, those of you who have been following the “Obamagate” saga know that ever since Attorney General Bill Barr dropped the government’s charges against former Nation Security Advisor Mike Flynn, conspiracy theories have been flying left and right from all of the usual suspects. This also means that the betting markets attached to the Right Wing’s Obamagate wet dreams have been pumping wildly. This is because wingnuts think former senior Obama officials are likely to go to jail for spying on Trump. Obviously, this is not going to happen, but the chances to make a quick profit are large:

I do not want to get too fancy here but come on fellas, get real. People this famous do not go to jail in America. The only one that even remotely worries me is Andrew McCabe due to the fact that he is not especially famous. But powerful people do not go to jail in the USA, full stop. And when they do, they are assassinated there by Hillary Clinton, just like Jeffrey Epstein was.

I am not a lawyer and I am not interested in the facts. But my best guess is that the FBI gave Trump’s team equal treatment under the law. That means that they probably cut just as many corners and did them just as dirty as they would a corner crack dealer in the Bronx or perhaps an illegal bookmaker in Reno. This is just how America works. I don’t think any of these people will ever be charged, and if they are, it’s sure as hell not happening by June 30.

This is an amazing return to make in six weeks. It’s close to 20 percent and on an annualized basis, that comes out to a 240 percent gain. Take the money. Bet NO on all of them, except for McCabe. He is not famous enough to be protected from the law and could be a fall guy– still not likely, but a man has to have his limits in the gambling game.


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1 thought on “Alpha Alert! Get Your Free QAnon Money for a Hot Girl Summer

  1. I’ve been betting no on these things for years. People think Trump is the only one who is above the law and they’re just wrong. In America, we don’t jail anybody powerful especially in politics. I hate it that it works that way because it means the law is for little people and not the establishment but political bets are about what’s true not what we wish they were.

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