POD&VLOG: Poker Insights for Political Gamblers with Brian Pempus (USBets.com)

I personally think that there are still some of you out there who have not been eating Cheetos on the couch and watching Netflix for 6+ weeks and still actually know what day it is. The answer is, of course, Friday. And Friday is the day that we come correct with our second podcast of the week.

This episode features Brian Pempus, who is a sports betting reporter for USBets.com. Brian covers sports gambling, the business of sports gambling, and the politics surrounding it for USBets.com, and used to be a poker player in Vegas. The boys are excited to welcome him on the show to play a few rounds of drinking games. On this pod, we’ll cover a bevy of questions about sports and political gambling markets in our two segments:

  • Would You Rather?
  • Fade or Follow?

Followed by a closing conversation about how the rules of poker do and don’t apply to the rules of political gambling. We’re excited to show this off.

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