POD&VLOG: Mike Flynn, Obamagate, Richard Burr, and the Dem Convention


It is Monday. That is the day of the week that used to be the absolute worst but now is your favorite due to the fact that it is also the day that Pratik, Zoltar, and I drop our weekly mailbag podcast. The Boys are back and bigger than ever answering your political gambling questions about:

  • WTF is up with Mike Flynn?
  • Whether or not Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) will resign from office now that he is being investigated by the FBI.
  • Is anyone actually getting charged for “Obamagate”?
  • Will Secretary of State Mike Pompeo run for Senate in Kansas?
  • What’s up with the bonkers New York Primary (it’s still not dead)
  • How to deal with haters.
  • Keendawg’s alpha AF trading strategy vs. Pratik’s old lady moves.

And more.




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