Here Comes the Sh*t Show Media Circus for Mike Flynn

As I said on this week’s Mailbag Monday podcast, the judge in Mike Flynn’s trial is using dubious legal tactics to gaslight the media. Because of this, we are about to see the #ZoltArmy reap strong profits from betting NO in this market and surfing the heavy seas that Judge Sullivan is going to make.

Let’s get caught-up on my Michael Flynn marker board pick:

As my prophecy foretold, on the week of May 18th, Flynn’s team would file a Writ of Mandamus. This would cause a jump in the price of NO shares. If I were to explain what this means in writing, you would be more bored than Donald Glover was in that terrible Solo Star Wars movie. But for more details, watch/listen to our podcast, where I make everything awesome and drop truth bombs.

If you did listen to Zoltar and bought NO, you can now sell it for small profit.

Look at this chart. The #ZoltArmy is already getting rich.

If you want to wait for bigger riches and be a true ride-or-die, hold-on to you panties for Phase 2: The shit show media circus that will become the next 2 months.

Hold onto your butts because it will be a bumpy ride with plenty of waves to surf. However when the dust clears and the smoke settles, one thing is for sure:

NO shares = Thanos. Because both are inevitable.

When this market resolves, NO holders will be in the winners circle along with Zoltar.

For a more detailed explanation, check our podcasts where I drop truth bombs on the world and actually give a run down of the legal maneuvers that are happening as we speak:



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1 thought on “Here Comes the Sh*t Show Media Circus for Mike Flynn

  1. Pursuant to numerous requests from soldiers in the Zoltarmy, allow me to clarify the recommended sell point in this market….As in most markets, you should sell your No shares at 90 cents.

    Why? Because although Judge Sullivan dropping a “dismissal” is inevitable, Sullie may drop a “dismissal without prejudice” Order (instead of the standard “dismissal with prejudice” order). Moreover, if Sullie does this, it would open the door for a possibility that the DOJ does a future about face and decides to re-file charges against Flynn for lying to FBI (before the 5 year statute of limitations expires for Flynn). If Trump views the re-filing charges against Flynn scenario as the legit risk that it is, he may decide to issue a Flynn pardon in order to eliminate any chance that the above scenario takes place.

    Long story short – take the win at 90 cents, dont get too greedy and get caught in “with prejudice” vs. “without prejudice” mess above.

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