Klobuchar is So Hot Right Now!

Today this happened:

Tbh I think this should be a national holiday because every time one of these announcements comes out, all the gambling odds on PredictIt go more crazy than I did on Saturdays when Four Loco was still legal.

Anyway, I sold off a large chunk of my Amy Klobuchar shares for a nice profit. And I expect that as more and more traders read the news, they’ll be panic selling their positions on other VP candidates and driving those prices down. You better believe the old Keendawg is going to be there to buy up those cheapies once that happens.

My actions today:

  • Sell Klob at 25, set orders to buy again at 21.
  • Buying Maggie Hasan at 1, Catherine Cortez Masto at 6. Setting sell orders at 6 and 10 respectively.
  • Setting buy orders for Elizabeth Warren at 10.
  • Still waiting for someone to buy my Stacey Abrams shares.
  • Still baffled that people actually think Val Demmings will be Vice President.


Animals, it is imperative that you understand this: the Biden campaign will be releasing statements about who they are vetting for a while and probably not choosing their VP until late July at the earliest. So you’ve got about a month left to securely flip shares in this market before you have to get worried.

Secondly, given that hardcore Democrats tend to get massive woodies for the identity and gender issues, it is really hard for me to imagine that Biden won’t be giving a lot of courtesy vettings. I expect that most of the candidates on PredictIt’s board will be vetted, at least superficially.

I still think Biden’s pick will be someone that he likes personally, someone who is capable of taking over the country when he quits the job in 2024, and someone who can build the 2018 Democratic coalition of women, educated voters, and suburbanites. To me that is Klobuchar but idk. Could be Catherine Cortez Masto, could be Liz Warren or Tammy Duckworth. The smart way to play this is to try and flip shares until late-June, then land on a few horses you like.

Just don’t go out there and buy Amy Klobuchar shares now. That is a beta cuck move and will cost you money in the short term.


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2 thoughts on “Klobuchar is So Hot Right Now!

  1. But Keendawg:
    Not a single mention of Kamala, the one with the best chance according to the predictiters.
    Are you still thinking that Harris has absolutely no way no chance?

    1. I think on our last pod we talked about this. Realistically, her chances are probably similar to another brand name candidates but not anywhere near the price on PI.

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