Official Joe Biden Gaffe Prediction: No One Gives a Sh*t

Today Joe Biden went on The Breakfast Club podcast and said this:

Honestly people have just been losing their minds and declaring his candidacy over unless he appoints an all Black cabinet or something. I personally think this is hilarious. Even Al Sharpton had a hard time coming up with a reason to be mad at Biden:

Here is a direct quote, re-tweeted by Breakfast Club host Charlemagne tha God:

“Eight years this man [Biden] was Vice President and did things that he can concretely point to, including helping President Obama reduce the federal population of inmates by 38,000… I sat next to him when he announced the whole thing around the policing task forces. He has a concrete record… people can be Black and still make wrong political decisions…”

I personally think that the only people who actually care about this “gaffe” of Biden’s are:

  • Trump’s campaign team, who will try to use it to peel-off Black support for Biden on the margins (this could be important if MI, PA, and WI are close again).
  • People in the news media whose job it is to be outraged and sell click bait by amplifying said outrage.
  • Retards on PredictIt who think that fringe AF candidates for Vice President like Rep. Val Demmings are going to get the call from Uncle Joe in order to offset these “unconscionable” racial remarks.


This is not a news story that matters. People like Joe Biden because he’s rough around the edges and that means that sometimes he takes risks and says questionable things. It seems to me that everyone who isn’t a total psychopath can see that this was a total joke move of his. So I am moving on and declaring this story a bigger nothingburger than Lincoln Chaffey’s run for president in 2016.


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