EMERGENCY PRESS CONFERENCE: Minneapolis is Burning and So is Amy Klobuchar’s VP Bid

Animals, as you know, we have been huge fans of Amy Klobuchar to win the VP nomination. As of yesterday, this was my bag for the whole market:

Today was absolutely brutal.

But now people are losing their minds over this:

And her shares on PredictIt are getting punished worse than my liver does after 40+ days in quarantine. Because of this, I called my North Star aka Pratik for an EMERGENCY INVESTORS CALL. You can listen in here:


We discuss:

  • Are any former law enforcement officials eligible for VP now (Val Demmings, Kamala Harris)?
  • Will there be backlash against protesters and will this influence betting markets?
  • Will anyone care when the VP choice is made?
  • Is Elizabeth Warren a viable candidate?
  • Is there such thing as a perfect candidate for VP?
  • What about Cory Booker?


  • Buying Tammy Duckworth at 5c-7c
  • Looking to buy into Klob again one she bottoms <10c.


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