This Podcast Won’t Be a Riot


This podcast won’t be a riot. In fact, it kind of stinks. We’ve got a 50-minute long episode of SSG trying to make sense of the chaos in America and to project that forward into some bangarang political predictions. We don’t take this topic lightly, though being serious is not something we have a lot of training in.

On this pod, we take on a few concepts that may disrupt the political future:

  • Do Democrats need to fear the white backlash that lead to led Nixon’s 1968 win?
  • Is Donald Trump on-the-hook or off-the-hook for the total chaos in the streets?
  • Is Joe Biden guaranteed to pick a black woman as a running mate?
  • Are foreign powers instigating violence in our cities?

If some of these topics sound quacky to you, then we are doing our job. The purpose of Star Spangled Gamblers is to talk about tomorrow’s news today and to identify trends and forces that phony opinion journalist either ignore or are not woke to. We aren’t always right but we hope we challenge you to think harder when attempting to predict the future, which is sometimes hard to do.

Also covered:

  • Rep. Steve King’s primary in Iowa
  • An update on Mike Flynn and Roger Stone’s legal troubles and the accompany betting markets.

We’d also love to hear from you in this very difficult time. Hit our DMs to let us know how you’re interpreting recent events.




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