POD&VLOG: Steve King, Mike Pompeo, Tammy Duckworth, and Joe Biden Thank You for Playing with SSG


If I am being completely honest, then I will go ahead and just say that I cannot possibly remember a harder week to write or talk about politics than the last one. I am not going to blow your minds when I say this, but with the ‘Ronies still going strong and lots of people out in the streets demanding change, there are just not a lot of things for the Boys to talk about that won’t get people fired-up. This is an emotional time and politics are feeling personal to many of us. Let it be known: our hearts go out to everyone who has experienced injustice or discrimination. We also think the coronavirus stinks. We hope that together, as one people, we can beat both of these things. We are 100 percent against racism and pandemics.

On this episode of SSG, we’re covering a few things:

  • How awesome we were for predicting Rep. Steve King’s primary and Mike Pompeo’s senate run correctly.
  • WTF is going on with Tammy Duckworth’s VP bid?
  • Are Kamala Harris and Val Demmings’ law enforcements dragging their VP hopes down?
  • Is Trump officially cooked for re-election?
  • Are the mass protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death going to change the direction of the 2020 election?

And lots more.




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