It’s Coming Home: SSG & Ladbrokes Meet at Last


I can tell you with 99 percent certainty that the podcast we are dropping on this post with Ladbrokes’ Matt Shaddick is the best audio recording to come to the States from the UK since One Direction. Honestly it might even be better than Bush’s banger of an album, 16 Stone.

For those of you who are not woke yet, Ladbrokes is a a gambling company in the UK that clears £200 million a year in bets. I personally do not understand what the UK is so I think that is equal to about $2-3 trillion USD.

Anyway, Matt is one of the foremost experts in the field of political odds-making. He basically knows about everything and is just going to drop knowledge on your faces for 40 minutes on this pod. I mean, we are going to talk about bets happening all over the world. I can’t possibly emphasize enough how much genius is on this podcast. It will change you life, just like the Double Down sandwich at KFC changed mine.




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