Insiders Know Nothing. Do Not Listen to Them.

Animals, I have been speaking to “party insiders” on both sides of the Kentucky Senate Democratic Primary that is happening on Tuesday. First of all, this is a very confusing name for the race. That is because neither of the two candidates are Democrats. Establishment favorite Amy McGrath is running as a member of the Fighter Pilot Party and insurgent Charles Booker is running as a member of the Bernie Bro Party. No one seems to want to be attached to the Democratic Party as we know it, which still has a registration advantage in the Blue Grass state.

To get caught up on this race, read my article (pro-McGrath) and Obamoracle’s (pro-Booker).

Anyway, here is what hardcore political operatives in Kentucky have been telling me:

  • Grassroots Dems are going full YOLO on Booker and just assume they are going to lose to McConnell no matter who they select… so why not pick someone who gives them a woke boner/is not funded exclusively by Hollywood and Wall Street?
  • None of the cool kids like Amy McGrath.
  • Charles Booker is steadily building a grassroots movement.
  • Republican operatives are starting to get seriously pissed-off that they need to build a new oppo book on Booker because they figured the real Top Gun sequel was going to drop in November when Mitch McConnell aka political Ice Man faced-off against Democratic Maverick Amy McGrath.

Anyway, I am actually taking all of this as great news for my bet on Amy McGrath to win. My experience is that 99 percent of the time, if “insiders” give you a tip, the actual result will be the complete opposite. No one is worse at predicting politics than people who work in it. This is a fact. Political operatives are very skilled at influencing the future but are also terrible at discerning it. This is probably not a coincidence and the reason why they take bonkers jobs, like being Sen. Cory Gardner’s campaign manager. Might as well be a funeral director.

Anyway, just thought you’d like to hear an update.

Have a good weekend.


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