POD&VLOG: The Worst Case Scenario with The Bulwark’s Jim Swift


I fully realize that we have left you high and dry this past week while we have been on an unannounced hiatus. Unfortunately, I have not been slamming Modelos but that is neither here nor there. Anyway, on our return podcast we have a very special guest: Jim Swift, Senior Editor at The Bulwark. For those of you who are not the kind of dweebs who can readily explain the difference between the programming CSPAN2 and CSPAN3, let me tell you what that means. The Bulwark is the most prestigious publication in America that is run by Republicans who think that Donald Trump is garbage. They used to be The Weekly Standard for those of you who remember that old bard.

Anyway, this is a great podcast that brings out some really interesting perspectives. I honestly do not even know what I would do if I heard that any of you didn’t think the next 40 mins is absolute genius.



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