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Recently, friend of the blog Jason Pipkin aka Jipkin chirped me to say that he is administering his own betting pool and that you can join it for free. Also, there is $500 in prize money attached, which is pretty cool. I do not want to oversell this but the last time I gave someone $0 for an item that was worth $500, I had to lay low in San Bernardino for a long weekend to avoid the heat. So this is definitely a good deal.

From Jipkin:

Attention all SSG lads: I would like you to take my money. (Well, also some of anoland’s money, who has generously contributed $500 to the prize pool). How? Simple: predict the 2020 election better than everyone else. As devoted SSG readers, you know you’re the best and now it’s time for you to prove it. Zero purchase necessary, all that you have to do is fill out this form which will ask for your predicted win probabilities and margins of victory for the general election and various state contests:

That’s it. Oh, and your prediction will be made public, with your Twitter handle attached to it (should you choose to provide me with one – you can participate anonymously if you want but you won’t be prize-eligible). Which means everyone will be able to see exactly how much smarter you are than everyone else, the polling averages, the markets, and every model out there. There’s a whole scoring system and detailed resolution info you can read more about in the form, it’s pretty straightforward, and you can ask me any questions you’d like. One more thing: this is only the first of four such contests I’m running this cycle. Your entry for this one is due by 11:59:59pm Eastern on August 1 (the others will be 9/1, 10/1, and 11/1). See you on the rankings 🙂

Sounds good to me.


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