POD: Let’s Do a (Convention) BUMP


All the Boys are here to talk about how to get that free political gambling money on PredictIt from the Democratic and Republican convention bumps. BTW, the term “convention bump” does not refer to a very small amount of cocaine that the Bush Twins may or may not have had before the 2004 RNC in New York City. It is actually a term for the brief increase in popularity each party’s candidate receives following their national convention. That said, the convention bump is looking dicey this year, due to the fact that both parties are basically just hosting nationally-televised Zoom calls, which are more boring to watch than baseball.

On this week’s episode, we talk about:

  • The Democratic and Republican Conventions, and whether or not they will cause a spike in prices for Biden or Trump that we can attack for some free money.
  • Kamala Harris’s addition to the Biden ticket — does this matter to any bets on the table?
  • Will Trump replace Mike Pence on his ticket?
  • Who will win the Massachusetts Senate Democratic Primary: incumbent Ed Markey or Joe Kennedy?

All of that and more on this week’s episode.



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2 thoughts on “POD: Let’s Do a (Convention) BUMP

  1. Saw your comment about the “Will Trump resign?” market being ridiculous, and while I agree, I think it’s predictably, (i.e. profitably, ridiculous. I’m betting Yes will spike again sometime in the next couple months for a modest profit.

    1. I like that call. I’m going to clip coupons instead but definitely a place where you could catch a pump.

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