Will Voters “Peacefully Protest” by Re-Electing Trump?


One of my favorite phrases that I have learned in 2020 is “peaceful protest,” which is apparently a technical term for what happens when you light some police cars on fire and then rob the nearest department store.

But to be honest, all of this peaceful protesting has got me shook AF. That is because I am betting heavily on Joe Biden winning the Presidential election, and I personally think that Trump’s best chance of winning this race will be if people get seriously fed-up with social justice rioting and organize a counter-demonstration. Basically, I am worried that if all of these Antifa psychos and Oberlin graduates keep burning down cities, then voters will want to hold a little peaceful protest of their own, and re-elect Trump. Here’s what I think the actual odds of that happening are:


This past week, another police shooting happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin that looks very bad for law enforcement. SSG has noted many times that widespread civil unrest would be the fastest way to resurrect the Trump campaign, so I was not at all surprised when I saw this:

Let’s take a look at the survey Kraushaar is referring to:

Wowzers!!!! “Violent crime” officially rates higher than “economic inequality” and “race and ethnic inequality!”

Additionally, Harvard/Harris poll in July showed that 77 percent of Americans are either “very” or “extremely” concerned about “crime increasing in American cities.”

But at the same time, most surveys since George Floyd’s death showed that a comfortable majority of Americans support “the protests.”

And the Harvard/Harris poll above shows an interesting divergence: that while a huge majority of the country is worried about crime in “American cities,” a smaller number — 44 percent — is concerned about crime in their own community. This is an interesting corollary to the polling we’ve seen since all the riots started, which found public opinion on the side of two conflicting ideas: that cops are generally racist, but the cops in their respective community are not.

So what gives? Welp…

There is a phrase that people who fought in wars like to say which is, “there are no atheists in fox holes.” I honestly think that a similar phrase applies to 2020. That phrase is, “there are no woke people during a riot.” If social justice warriors continue to wage war in middle class suburbs, then at some point those voters — who have converted to Democrats at lightning speed during the Trump years — will re-think their moves.

But I mean, real talk here. There are 10 weeks until the election. For Trump to win, life in America would have to become worse than a Halloween sequel for him to overcome his deficits in basically every poll-able aspect of his job performance. The guy is down 8 points nationally and people are literally dropping dead in the streets. Meanwhile, the same suburban voters who might be getting shook from all these riots are also wondering why their kids aren’t in school and learning how to read over Zoom calls. And then Trump just loves to act like a total bonehead constantly. Every night these “peaceful protests” create thousands of Republicans, but every morning he turns them back into Democrats by saying crazy stuff. I mean, I never even thought this was possible, but looking at the lineup for the GOP Convention, I honestly think that Republicans are pining for Clint Eastwood and his empty chair to interview because basically no one that matters or has any substance at all is willing to show up for the party this time around. Unless of course you think that Eric Trump is going to give the barn-burner that turns the tide for Trump-Pence 2020.


I’m willing to give Biden a 75 percent chance of winning this election. Of the 25 percent odds I give Trump, I will credit 8 points to the possibility of a massive middle class backlash to the “peaceful protests” that are burning down a select few cities nationwide.

Not looking good, Donnie.


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