PODCAST: Is Kanye Actually Going to Get on These Presidential Ballots?


One of the most amazing things about Kanye West’s political campaign is that it is basically irrelevant unless you are one of these things:

(1) A commentator in the Fake News Media (FNM) who is trying to convince people that Kanye is going tip the election in Trump’s favor;

(2) A lawyer trying to prove that Kanye’s election filings are not totally fraudulent; or

(3) Someone who sees a fantastic betting opportunity on whether or not Kanye West will get onto the ballot in a few key states.

Long story short, I recently noticed that my Adderrall supply was getting low. And even though it crossed my mind that I could probably rip some Modelos and bang out an amazing take on Kanye’s odds of getting on the ballot in a few key states, I realized the better thing to do was ask an expert. So this emergency podcast features Flip Pidot, the #1 bro at OldBull TV, and a guy who has randomly been stalking Kanye’s campaign with FOIA requests like a total psycho.

Anyway, I’ve placed a few bets since recording this. Here you go:

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