Is the Trump Bump Fake News?


The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are officially over and they were boring AF. Unfortunately, the riots in a few select cities are not. Due to this fact, a lot of people think that Donald Trump is now going to win the presidential election. This is a very interesting opinion since Trump is currently getting crushed in the polls, but then again everytime I turn on the TV I see a reunion of recent Oberlin College graduates burning down a new city, so I guess it is possible.

Anyway, we are going to explore whether or not the Trump Bump is real and lots of other important things on this week’s podcast. Check it out.


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2 thoughts on “Is the Trump Bump Fake News?

  1. i understand that you fellows are of a conservative bent, and that is fine. But you are going to have to something about the loud mouthed fellow. This podcast is not supposed to be a rant attempting to convert people to your political ideology.

    It really plays poorly.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Like every show, we’ve got our good episodes and our bad ones. I’m sorry this one didn’t land for you. Please let me and the team know what content you’d like to see more of. Every bit of feedback helps!

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