Podcast: The Ultimate Savage Joins SSG from Manchester, England


The pod is back. Joining us this time is a bettor so accomplished that the world knows him as “The Political Gambler.” He’s a British bad-boy and the political gambling correspondent for Betfair — the largest gambling book in Europe.

Motty is telephoning in from across the Atlantic (the ocean, not the Fake News Media publication) to fill us with knowledge about all the stories you’re already chirping about:

  • Will Trump or Biden win the election, and by how much?
  • What short term moves can we make to win some bets and make some money between now and then?
  • Will polls miss again in 2020, as they did in 2016?

This is a great podcast for those of you who are trying to up your game and hit that new gear. Motty has been betting politics at a high level for as long as anyone on the planet. He is a true savage and we are lucky to have him.



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