POD: Are Polls Fake?


I recently sat down with Pratik and iSavage to debate the #1 question in politics right now: are polls real — or are they fake?

I honestly do not think I am exaggerating even 1 percent when I say that there are millions of people who are wetting the bed right now over this question. Is Trump actually a massive underdog to Biden, as polls say? Or is 2020 going to be an awesome sequel to 2016, where basically every poll and Fake News outlet completely whiffed on Trump winning.

In addition to discussing whether or not polls are fake, we also cover some huge political gambling opportunities on PredictIt, like:

  • Margin of victory?
  • When will the election be called?
  • Who will win Florida?
  • Are Georgia and Texas in play?
  • Can Trump repeat in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan?

And more.



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