The requests have been peppering my twitter for a certified Zoltar pick on who Trump will pick as the next Supreme Court nominee. The answer is Barbara Lagoa and here are the reasons why you should bet your balls on it.

Cuban Latina woman and from Florida

  • all of these are crucial voting demos for Trump
    • Polls just dropped showing that Biden has huge lead with Hispanic vote.
  • Trump Logoa pick boxes in democrats by forcing them to attack the nomination of a Cuban woman from Florida.
    • Should result in a bumpy bump for Trump in Florida and with Hispanics.
  • Barret is a white female Christian from Indiana
    • Only demo that helps Trump here is female. Dems will have no problems attacking her as a crazy Christian who will bring back abortions.

Lago won Senate vote 80-15 in 2019

  • Means she has already been vetted (no boofing yearbook entries) and that Senate dems have previously agreed to her appointment as judge.
    • If the Senate Dems flip their votes now, it comes off as purely political.

Already grilled on abortion and confirmed she will not overrule Roe v. Wade

  • Told senate she considered Roe v. Wade “binding precedent of the Supreme Court” and “settled law.” That’s legal speak for – Im not changing anything.

Served on legal team trying to stop Ellan Gonzalez

  • That means she’s not just Cuban, she’s a super Cuban!
  • More Florida votes from the Cubans who now live in south Florida after they got sacktapped by Castro and fled. Suck it Socialists!

Shown to be a GOP partisan hack on Florida’s felony voter case.

  • Won’t get into the weeds but she should have recused herself, instead she wrote 20 page opinion trying to explain why she didn’t have to recuse herself and then issued opinion preventing felons from voting.
  • Translation – she went out of her way to make sure she was involved in case that allowed her to rule on the GOP side.

Lagoa pick likely creates three upward minority moves and two who are female minorities, all related to massive swing state.

  • would give Trump another 11th Circuit pick which would go to GOP friendly judge (likely Muniz), after that, DeSantis (GOP governor of Florida) would get to make another GOP friendly Florida Supreme Court pick.(likely Renatha Francis).
  • Each of these announcements would create more bumps in Florida in addition to the Logoa bump

Trump decision this week + trip to Florida this Friday = Cash money

  • Trump will confirm this week to give more time for nomination to be confirmed. Trump is also confirmed to host event in Miami this Friday
  • Trump is a showman (political Vince McMahon). The best show would be to make the announcement for Lagoa on or just before Friday, in her hometown while celebrating at rally with Pitbull music playing in the background.
  • Trump already showed that he recognizes the power of nominee from battleground by floating a Michiganian for Supreme Court pick and promoting this in Michigan.

Zoltar hath spoken!

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  1. I punched out 20c on AMC Nos on the dollar but am now underwater on Lagoa Nos at 70c average. It’s rough out there. I put $20 on Margaret Ryan just because she doesn’t have a lot of negatives (no controversial opinions, young, veteran) and it was cheap.

  2. Betting on women from Florida does not work this year for some reason. First, the smart money lost on Demings despite the fact that there was extremely well researched contrarian thesis and now this…

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