DEBATE: Mike Pence is Going to Swap Genders


One of the biggest problems in America today is that our ideas about basic civility are totally shot. For example, the Fake News Media (FNM) has been telling all of the poors that gender is made up and that they should be totally cool with robots taking their jobs. These are actually very difficult arguments to sell, which is one reason why Donald Trump got elected president in the first place.

Anyway, yet another norm is being challenged today and that is the Vice Presidential Debate. In the past, the whole point of the VP debate was for each presidential candidate’s running mate to be an absolute savage and say all of the things that a respectable person could never say out loud about his opponent. But those of you who watched the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden know that nowadays, presidential candidates just say whatever they want to each other and generally act like people in Florida do when they are high on bath salts.

Do you remember when the VP Debates owned this market share? For example, that time that Joe Biden basically put Paul Ryan in a dress and called him Sally back in 2012?

Back then the Fake News was shook AF by Biden interrupting Ryan “82 times.” What a life. Honestly, watching this video in 2020 makes me feel like I am having tea with some old ladies who are feeling feisty over last week’s Bridge match.

But — is the VP Debate dead? Has the presidential debate captured its niche for politicians being dicks? IDK. I could be wrong. It’s all up to Mike Pence. The big question of the night is… and the future of the VP debate hinges on…

Will Mike Pence be a jerk to Kamala Harris?

I have no doubt in my mind that Sen. Kamala Harris will come out swinging a battle ax tonight. One of my favorite things I have ever seen in my life was her speech at the 2020 Democratic National Zoom Conference Convention, where she briefly tried to act like an actual human being and talk about how her step-kids call her “Momala.” I was just loving it because about five minutes into this act, she got bored AF and reverted to trashing Republicans and being the living embodiment of a high-level prosecutor turned smoking hot Senatorial troll.

But as for Mike Pence, there is a chance that my entire point-of-view is off here. I know that he is a very staunch advocate for traditional gender roles, but it may be the case that he and Trump have a kinkier arrangement. And that is not just because Trump clearly has his balls in a Mason Jar somewhere in the Oval Office. What I mean by this is that Mike Pence might play the role of a soft and motherly type versus Kamala Harris. This would be to balance Trump’s debating style, which I can only compare to an alpha male refinery worker who is coked-out, nine beers deep, and looking for a fight in the Applebees parking lot.

Long story short, I am very interested to see if Pence tries to be a nice guy and offset Trump’s negativity. Maybe the VP debate is still an opportunity for the running mate to say and do everything the presidential candidate can’t. In Pence’s case, that would mean being civil, explaining his president’s vision for America, and not being a dick.

We’ll know soon.

Whatever the case, we’ll be releasing a CALL-IN podcast tonight AFTER THE DEBATE. Tune in — and call in with your questions. Check our Twitter for details. We’ll be ready as ever.


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