POD: How to Make $$$ Betting on This Election’s October Surprise(s)


We are 3 weeks away from the election and the October surprises are stacking up faster than the number of COVID cancellations in this year’s NFL season. The good part about this news is that today’s podcast is all about how to just be a savage and exploit as many of them as possible to make a serious profit gambling on politics.

On this episode of SSG, we cover:

  • Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation. How many votes will she get, and will it happen before the election?
  • Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat is in danger. But is the Carolina Low Country too close to sea level to absorb the $50 million in cash his opponent Jaime Harrison has received from Dem donors this quarter?
  • In North Carolina, Sen. Thom Tillis has COVID in his lungs; and his opponent, Cal Cunningham has a sex scandal on his hands. Which fact should decide your bets?
  • And finally, on election night, which states should you bet on returning results first?

This is a bangarang episode of Star Spangled Gamblers and if you don’t like it, then you are most likely the type of person who thinks that it is okay to tailgate for a Jimmy Buffett show without a Hawaiian shirt on. Do not be that person. That is fake news. This episode is awesome and so are Hawaiian shirts.


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