Another Week of October Surprises

by Dragon Poopsie

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My dog and I are at the beach this week, and the sound of the wind and the surf are making him anxious. Right now, he is huddled in the corner with his paws covering his ears. Every now and then, I hear a small, involuntary yelp.

I feel like curling up beside him and covering my ears, too, but not because of the storm. It’s the end of a vicious campaign season, and it’s hard to listen to the screeching and accusing anymore. This is the point when crazy stuff happens, things that would be hard to make up. Was there really a serious plot by white supremacists to kidnap the governor of Michigan? Will the alleged Hunter Biden emails about Burisma turn out to be legit? Three weeks before the election, did Nancy Pelosi really introduce a bill to create a process for removing a President – and was she thinking of an incompetent Trump or an incompetent Biden when she did it?

Did Democratic senators really accuse Amy Coney Barrett of being a racist who will wreck our country and is plotting with the President to take away sick people’s health care? Those senators were like drive-by shooters, the way they attacked and then moved on. Bang, bang – most of us would slump to the floor under that kind of personal barrage, wishing we were dead. But Barrett just held onto her Starbucks cup and took it. 

Animals, let me say the obvious about what we have seen this week: we are living in a divided country. Everyone is in a panic that their side will lose the election and that the other side’s victory will mean the end of America as we know it. I have been paying way too much attention to the news, and I am telling you that the Democrats and Republicans agree on only one issue right now: that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is an incompetent idiot. Outside of that, the Ds and the Rs don’t even agree on what the issues are. If you turn on CNN and Fox, the stories they’re following are so different you wouldn’t know they’re for the same day. 

Unless the polling is as bad as it was in 2016 (and it could be worse; I live in a red state and no one I know admits they’re voting for Trump), the Rs will be the ones taking a big, humiliating hit this year. In the Senate races, they are having trouble getting traction even in their usual habitats. Joni Ernst is behind in Iowa, Thom Tillis appears to be going down in North Carolina despite his opponent admitting to sexting, and Lindsey Graham, in his best poll, is just one point ahead in South Carolina. The Ds smell blood and are circling in on their victims like a pack of coyotes. They are raising money in record amounts – $57 million for the South Carolina Senate race alone.

Mitch McConnell is a realist and a pragmatist. He’ll grab what he can before his team is wiped out of the Senate majority and the Executive Branch. The biggest grab on his list is getting Barrett seated on the Supreme Court, where she could have an impact for 40 years. You can count it as done. 

But the next two weeks are going to be ugly, so full of screeching and accusing that we should all take a tip from my dog: find a nice corner to curl up in and cover our ears. I suppose it would be wise to keep an eye open, though, in case there’s one more October surprise. As if we haven’t already had enough.


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1 thought on “Another Week of October Surprises

  1. My hope is the October surprise that Biden, Obama, and Clinton indeed were fooled by Iran on Bin Laden. If Obama really gave that cash to Iran to cover up the fact they sent a body double, that’s the biggest news on Earth. “Benghazi” takes on a whole new meaning.

    Most are not wanting to touch this yet, but the audio evidence so far is quite damning.

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