Hunter Biden: Don’t Be Fooled by October Surprises

If you have been watching TV lately, then you are aware that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, recently got caught smoking crack and doing shady business with some people in Ukraine. Lots of liberal people are losing their minds about this because Fake News Media (FNM) outlets like CNN have brainwashed them into thinking that every election has an “October Surprise” that reverses things very quickly. And they are wetting the bed thinking that Joe Biden is going to choke worse than Peyton Manning in a Super Bowl; or that one of these surprises will set Trump up for re-election.

So far, the Fake News Media has sold us three October surprises:

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death
  • Donald Trump’s COVID diagnosis
  • Hunter Biden being a crackhead & corrupt

But if I am being totally honest, I am going to say that none of these stories matter to the election. My honest opinion about the so-called “October Surprise” is that it is starting to turn into a bogus Hallmark Holiday. The media has completely over-sold its importance and at the rate we are going, by this time in 2024, I will be able to buy a “Happy October Surprise” greeting card from CVS while I am drinking an MSNBC co-branded Pumpkin Spice Surprise! Latte from the mall Starbucks.

The bottom line is, for an October Surprise to work, there have to be voters that are still capable of being shocked. And at this point, there is nothing Trump can say or do that people will find surprising. He campaigned on shock and has governed with it for four years. This goes both ways for Donald Trump, because love him or hate him, he’s taken on some big policy fights that most presidents were scared of, and he’s fought some extremely petty personal battles that any other president would ignore. Let’s make a list:

  • Bang Stormy Daniels for cash? CHECK.
  • Be first president to take on China? CHECK.
  • Be first president to secure a concession from North Korea? CHECK.
  • Refuse to denounce white nationalists? CHECK.
  • Skip international celebration of World War I’s 100th anniversary because of bad hair day? CHECK.
  • Skip presidential debate? CHECK.
  • Refuse to talk to the Speaker of the House for a calendar year? CHECK.
  • Succeed in triggering/exposing all the craziness in American liberals? CHECK.
  • Succeed in destroying Republican Party? CHECK.


After four years of saying and doing highly-contentious things, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have an opinion of the President. And his opponent, Joe Biden, isn’t exactly a stranger either. He was a highly-visible VP for 8 years.

With Trump and Biden, people know what they’re getting and the numbers reflect that.

At the end of September, Monmouth Polls found that only 2 percent of Americans are undecided. A Quinnipiac poll taken around the same time found 4 percent of voters undecided. Meanwhile, RealClearPolitics and FiveThirtyEight have Trump at a 9-point and 10-point underdog to Biden as of press time.

What this tells me is that it doesn’t matter at all what GOP operatives find on Hunter Biden’s computer. It doesn’t matter at all that he was a shady guy who was getting greased by corrupt Ukrainians while smoking crack rocks.

If Biden was running against Jeb Bush, maybe this story would matter. But with Trump in the picture, no one really cares.

Trump won in 2016 largely because every news story in America lead with him. And now it’s looking like he’ll lose for the very same reason in 2020. Because no matter what happens, every political question comes down to him and a majority of the country seems to have a negative opinion about his job performance. Now, some of you will say, “the polls are wrong” and “what about 2016?” But if you look in other places, the writing is on the wall.


  • Biden’s campaign has almost a 2-to-1 advantage in fundraising contributions.
  • In 2018, Republicans took massive losses in strongholds like Orange County and the suburbs of Dallas, Phoenix, and Houston. These losses were almost as unthinkable as the Ls Hillary took in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania 2 years before. Do you think anything has changed since then?
  • Look at the early voting returns. For example, in Harris County (Houston), turnout has exceeded 50% of the total 2016 early vote… in one week. That’s usually a bad sign for Republicans, especially given their recent losses in big city suburbs.
  • Almost 26 million people have already voted. What that means is regardless of whether or not an “October Surprise” is coming, Biden has already banked his lead.

This is VERY bad news for Trump and Republicans.

However, there remains one way, in my opinion, that Trump can get back into this race. And we covered on our most recent podcast. Check it out below:

Check out the full podcast here:


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