Pod: Are We About to Become POLYMARKET Prophets?


By now I am sure you realize that if I am one thing, it is a man of his word. I have been bellyaching for months about the fact that PredictIt’s markets are now less diverse than the staff of a Vineyard Vines store and have basically just been reduced down to bets about how many absentee ballots will be cast in states that are so boring that apparently the only thing people have to do for the entire month of October is open envelopes and count them:

WTF? I personally did not get into political gambling so that I could guess who many betas didn’t have the balls to vote in person. What a joke.

So knowing this, I got in touch with the Boys over at Polymarket. This was due to the fact that last month, I prayed to the gambling Gods for some debate mention markets and they (Polymarket) answered. It turns out that Polymarket has the flexibility to offer lots of markets over there, including some that are spicier than the pepper Zoltar will have to eat if Trump loses Florida.

Now, admittedly I am little bit of a bonehead. But I know that giving you animals some actionable information about this exchange and whether it’s a good place to trust your money (or avoid federal agents) is very important. So I decided to give Shayne Coplan, Polymarket’s founder, a platform to answer your questions about Polymarket’s capabilities, legality, and financial trustworthiness on the eve of this massive election where many traders are out there looking for new betting opportunities on more exotic subjects.

What follows is his Q&A on the subject.



If this podcast has you feeling like a Polymarket prophet, then login at: https://polymarket.com/

And if it leaves you with some new questions that need answering, drop them in the comments below and we’ll schedule a follow-up with Shayne.


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