The Complete List of Opportunities to Bet on Trump Winning or Losing


I was extremely pleased to see this email in my inbox from Blind Chicken, who some of you know from the free money store (aka “PredictIt”). He sent me his full list of opportunities* to max-out on Biden winning. Also, if you are high on bath salts, you could use this to max-ut on Trump 11 times too. Actually you need to be high on bath salts to bet this much on anything without a hedge. Anyway…


Make sure everyone knows all the Biden Win-equivalent markets:
individual president winner – 2 maxes

party president winner – 2 maxes

mass, texas, sc dem primary winner becomes president – 1 max each, 3 total

woman VP – 1 max

Electoral Vote margin – 1 max (all GOP no)

popular vote margin – 1 max

winner of popular vote also wins electoral college – 1 max (Biden is >96% to win popular vote, so within a cent or two this is a Biden win equivalent)

total 11 maxes

If you want to bet on any of these, BUY AT LEAST ONE SHARE NOW because PredictIt caps total market participants at 5,000 and some of these markets are already at the limit.


Don’t you dare bet 11 max-outs on EITHER candidate without a hedge.

Don’t be an idiot!!


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