Debate: 90 Minutes of Normal in One Bonkers Year

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Debate: 90 Minutes of Normal in One Bonkers Year
By Dragon Poopsie

Finally, Animals, in a year and an election cycle that has been totally off script, we saw something relatively normal last night: the presidential debate. This time, Donald Trump and Joe Biden managed to get through 90 minutes without horrifying their audience and causing 73 million viewers to grab their remotes in search of an escape. 

Personally, by the end of Debate #1, I was so afraid for the future of the Western world that I became a regular viewer of “Log Cabin Living,” where people shop for charming cabins in the mountains to get away from this kind of angst. But Debate #2 was better – not exactly Lincoln-Douglas, and not likely to change anyone’s mind about who they’re going to vote for, but at least it stayed within the norms. I even laughed out loud one time, when Trump described Kim Jong Un as “a different kind of guy.” CNN’s fact checker was hard at work, grading every nuance and adjective, but that was one statement he won’t have to spend any time on. I think Republicans, Democrats and fact checkers can all agree on that one thing: that Kim Jong Un certainly is a different kind of guy.

Of course, up until the debate, it had been another nutty 2020 week. With two weeks until the election and hundreds of thousands of people voting every day, Biden disappeared into his basement for four and a half days. Even if you’ve lived 100 years, you’ve never seen that.

And while he was hiding or resting or whatever he was doing, the whole Hunter Biden laptop story continued to grow – Hunter’s former business partner went on Fox two hours before the debate to say, yes, the emails, connections and conversations were all real. But in the odd world of 2020, I’m not sure how many people even care if Joe and his family were corrupt, because this election is about beating Donald Trump. But by November 3, voters could be in a situation similar to one Louisiana voters were in for their gubernatorial election in 1991. At that time, a corrupt politician, Edwin Edwards, who was later sent to prison for extortion, racketeering and so on, was running against David Duke, a white supremacist and former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The bumper sticker promoting Edwards said, “Vote for the Crook. It’s important.” That’s how a lot of people would feel about the importance of voting for even a tainted Biden over Trump. 

Just a week and a half to go, Animals. What a relief November 3 will be. Then the fun will really begin: counting the votes and following the inevitable court cases that will be part of that. Personally, as much as I love watching politics, I have had enough. Too many different kinds of guys, I suppose.


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