The Top Sharks in the UK Weigh-In on the US Election


As some of you are aware, the USA was founded by a whole different country called Great Britain. Later on, the British invented some other global empires but not always with the same good results. For example, England pretty much created Rock and Roll and that was rad AF while it lasted. But on the downside, they also invented soccer, which 99 percent of experts agree is a fake sport.

Whatever the case, I am always excited when smart people want to come on my podcast. And given the huge shared heritage that we Americans have with the British, getting a little insight from their side of the Pond about our election, with just one week to go, was a total no-brainer. And then there is also the fact that the British are absolute legends when it comes to gambling, and have been pricing elections for centuries.

So on this podcast, I present to you two of the great minds in political gambling.

First, Paul Krishnamurty aka “Motty.” Motty is basically the original professional political gambler and is a true savage. Watch out.

Second, Matt Shaddick aka “Shads,” who actually makes the lines for Ladbrokes, one of the biggest gambling operations in the world.

Obviously, you need to hear what these guys have to say.


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