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Political Animals,

Much to my surprise, when I sat down with Pratik and iSavage to crank some beers on Zoom while nominating 2020’s Golden Modelos (the Oscars of Political Gambling), a whole bonus podcast came out instead.

Basically, if I were to summarize its contents, I would say this:

Donald Trump is acting like an extremely butthurt lunatic over losing the election, and betting opportunities abound. They are also shifting by the day.

Just do yourself a favor and listen to it. This pod is way better than whatever dumb stuff they are saying in the Fake News Media and I am already up $30K on the picks we made on Monday.

Just kidding, that part is made-up. But according to exit polls from PredictIt, everyone makes money always:

So I guess 94% of people won money in a game where by default, every winner is matched by a loser?

Lol. Well, your chances of winning are better with us.


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