AlphaGod’s Top 20 Insults Against Zoltar

Hate mail is nothing out of the ordinary at Star Spangled Gamblers. I have a whole mailbag full of it.

One reader, however, has so distinguished himself that he deserves a special blog post of his own.


The trigger seems to have been a comment Zoltar made about the Wisconsin vote margin market. AlphaGod assumed that Zoltar was claiming that there was a >30% chance that the Wisconsin margin would change by over 600 votes after the recount, and that this was a shameless pump.

(I considered investigating the details and counterclaims, but got too bored. You can check out their twitter feeds if you care to do more rigorous archival research).

Regardless, AlphaGod’s twitter account turned into an unrelenting feed of hate directed at Zoltar. Here’s one thread to give you a taste.

Things got so bad that Keen starting making regular donations to Autism Speaks in his honor.

…Most recently a $10.80 contribution on December 17.

Alpha God recently took his happy pills and agreed to “pardon” Zoltar. In honor of the end of this blood feud (and one of the best Twitter beefs in memory)…

Here is a list of AlphaGod’s greatest insults to Zoltar:



All in all, a heartwarming story of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation in this season of joy.

Pratik Chougule is a contributor to Star Spangled Gamblers and author of the book How to Make Money from Political Predictions: A Guide to Generating High, Steady Returns from PredictIt.

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