Why You Can Bet the Impeachment Cops Will Arrest Trump

UPDATE: I’ve closed out my position in this for now.


I am generally not that into learning for a number of reasons, including the fact that there is very little education that you can get in school that you can’t also get while watching Cops. For example, a lot of people are into science (WTF bro?) but I honestly have never even heard of a book that can teach you more about electricity than watching someone get owned by a taser.

And if you are more into sports then get ready for a Harvard degree in textbook form tackles:

Then there is business, which is very important if you are going to gamble on politics. And the MBA that I got from watching Cops is how I know the Libs aka the The House Democrats are going to impeach Trump again. Let me explain:

Cops has been on TV for 31 profitable seasons. By comparison, Game of Thrones went 7 seasons and Friends went 10. Honestly it is not an exaggeration to say that Cops was an absolute ATM for 3 decades and is a national treasure.

But after the George Floyd murder, some serious boneheads in the Liberal Fake News decided to cancel it:

Why? Because…

But this is actually very important for understanding why Donald Trump is likely to get impeached again.

Like the Democratic House of Representatives, Hollywood is run by a bunch of butt hurt California libs. And they killed Cops for the same reasons Trump will be impeached:

  1. The Rules — even for business — are meant to be broken; AND
  2. Principles matter.

(#2 is probably very difficult for RINOs to understand but you should probably just take my word for it or else you will be a poor).

Donald Trump will be impeached by the House because “Rules are Meant to be Broken

Animals, the first rule of politics is that every move has to either increase your hold on power or protect it.

And if I am being completely honest, it in no way politically helps House Democrats to impeach Donald Trump again.

Basically everyone in the Democratic Party has had a diamond-cutting boner for 4 years that is focused exclusively on removing Trump from office. And as of Thursday, Trump has publicly stated he will walk away peacefully.

I personally do not think slamming an impeachment pie in his face is the best idea to let this process play out. This is true because:

  • It is possible to impeach Trump AFTER he leaves office, and when he no longer has the power of the Presidency
  • Impeachment will magnify partisanship during a fraught transition; AND
  • Regardless of what happens, it is a guarantee that every liberal State Attorney General in the USA is licking his lips to bring some charges against Trump and goose their own political profile

Long story short, Trump is going to get smoked with or without Congress acting.

So as far as the Rules of the game go, impeaching again is–

But occasionally, politics is not about accumulating power for the sake of having more of it, and it is actually about governing. And this is where we get to #2, Principles. (Again, RINOs, you will need to just chill and take it with a grain of salt)


At the end of the day, multiple people are dead from the looney-toon riot that Trump incited at the Capitol. But for Members of Congress, the most important thing to me is the personal component.

Congressmen & Senators are very proud and have many feathers in their cap about being a “Co-Equal Branch of Government” to the Presidency. This is why they get seriously shook whenever the Executive Branch steps on their toes and tries to steal their power (remember when the Senate GOP absolutely bitched slapped Trump for trying to re-program DOD funds for a border wall?).

So at the end of the day, I think that the House of Representatives will retaliate against Trump for this personal reason.

In their eyes, the President literally attacked them and their employees physically. I mean, what sorry ass group of sissies would let that fly?

What I know from watching Cops is that the only response to an attack on your turf… is to grab your gang and commence a beat down. So for House Dems, there is really only one question left to ask about impeachment:


After spending a full day flipping IMPEACHMENT SHARES, I’ve settled on the fact that between the principles at stake and the dead bodies at Trump’s feet, impeachment by the House is the absolute minimum.

But I personally am taking the higher consequences for Trump seriously, after all, his muscle on Capitol Hill has abandoned him:

And with the Senate tilting into Democrat’s hands, Trump’s ability to protect himself from an impeachment conviction is reduced.

Furthermore, Joe Biden is reportedly warming to an impeachment:

So, I can only assume that Members of Congress are being very serious in their statements that Trump must resign or face consequences. And these consequences may include a lifetime of harassment in the courts for every potential act of misconduct that Democrats uncovered during the 2-year Mueller probe. For Trump this could mean:

  • He’ll want to self-pardon
  • He’ll want to cut a deal with Biden to avoid prosecution
  • He’ll consider resigning if that’s part of the terms.

So I am building a position in TRUMP TO RESIGN, though I don’t expect it to be large and I’m trying to keep my buys under 15c. I’ll also sell this position if it goes up to the 25-39 range.

I also have been holding TRUMP SELF-PARDON, because I trust in Zoltar and want to be rewarded.

But I don’t believe that the Senate can or will convict him before his term ends.

Let’s see what happens next.


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