Is This the Trade of the Year?


I’ve been developing this trade for the past few days and was hoping to hand you an absolute gold mine wrapped in a bow tie. However, the markets are starting to notice this ripple in the Senatorial Matrix so I am going to hand it off to you now and let you make your final judgments.

Here is what’s going on — Joe Biden might have a floor time problem for getting his nominees confirmed in time for PredictIt’s March 1 deadline, and the NO price has been in the 5-10c range for the last few days.

You can access this sheet here:

Most of these nominees will still get through on time, but a select few languish.

I will post a follow-up blog shortly that outlines targets of opportunity.

UPDATE: here are my favorites to short — this whole strategy assumes that Republicans will fight these nominees about as intensely as Dems fought theirs in 2017.


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