5 Possible Delayed Cabinet Picks for a 5X Gain


In my last post, I provided some boring information about why I thought that Joe Biden’s cabinet was going to take longer than March 1 to fully form. In the video below, my close personal friend Alec Baldwin is making some savage picks for the 5 most likely nominations to fall short of PredictIt’s March 1 deadline.

I.E., if Biden can’t get these bros confirmed by March 1, you get paid 5-10X for for betting NO.

Obviously, not all of these will hit. But the market is already waking up to Biden’s timing issues and I am absolutely piping it on PredictIt right now just by collecting marginal gains.

This whole trading strategy assumes that Senate Republicans will fight a majority of Joe Biden’s cabinet picks and make them go through the full cloture process. If I’m wrong about that — then these bets are a bigger piece of trash than a last 3 Star Wars movies.

REMINDER: Though I LOVE providing you tools, you MUST do your own research. These are all risky bets — just risky bets that are UNDERPRICED.

Let’s go!!


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