The Greatest Bets of the Year Are In: Golden Modelo Nominations


It’s officially awards season in political gambling. As we get ready to transition into a new presidential administration, it is time to recognize the best and worst trades of the past year.

On this podcast, we give this year’s nominations for THE GOLDEN MODELOS.

Now it’s time to do your job. Let us know your nominations & selections for:

Worst Pump

Best Pump

Trade of the year

Most fun day of trading

Worst day of trading

Best Market

Best Shitposter

Worst Trade

Worst Rules Cuck

Best/Worst Pump

Most Trustworthy Trader

Least Trustworthy Trader

Rookie of the Year

Best Newcomer to Political Gambling

Best SSG Commenter

Best (non-SSG) Blog

Biggest Overall Winner in Political Gambling

Biggest Overall Loser in Political Gambling

Biggest Upset

Service to Political Gambling Award

Biggest Grifter in Political Gambling

Most Mysterious Trader

Best Pumper

Biggest MAGATard

PI Lifetime Achievement Award

Email us your takes here.

And without further adou, here is your Golden Modelos podcast with iSavage and Pratik.

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