What to Expect in the Trump Series Finale, Biden Series Premiere

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Dear Political Animals,

These past 4 years, I have heard a lot of people say that Donald Trump is basically Darth Vader except fatter. Politics aside, this has been one of my favorite things about this presidency: that millions of people wake up in the morning and digest complex world affairs through movie memes.

For example:

  • Trump is the worst! He is Darth Vader from Star Wars!
  • Holy crap, Biden won Georgia! Stacey Abrams & Co are Wakanda from Avengers Endgame!

And so on. 

But I personally think this is a massive mistake, because politics is not a movie-friendly genre. Politics isn’t made for the Silver Screen – it’s made for TV. So if our nation is only capable of understanding itself through pop-culture memes, then we need to get those memes right — and use them to make some predictions about the Biden Presidency that is kicking-off next week.

Like a good TV show, politics is an open-ended story, where the resolution of one plotline only creates new conflicts to power the next. 

As this year’s election vanquishes some familiar characters, it will also begin the arc of others who will play a starring role.

And as it ends the blood orgy between Trump and Pelosi, it will begin a knife fight between factions to control the ruling Democratic Party.

Movies usually have clear heroes and villains, like John Wayne and Luke Skywaker. But television blurs the line with leads who play both sides, like Tony Soprano and Walter White. 

Government is a messy a business where today’s hero can easily become tomorrow’s patsy. Understanding when to stand on character and when to surrender to cowardice is a Jedi power in Washington.

Grasping the dynamics of heroism and cowardice is different in every government. So there will be a learning period for all of us.

Movies are about a story. TV shows are about a world.

Rookie politicians come to Washington to save the town plant, or right some wrong that no one really cares about. But the real players understand the rules of the bigger game, know the role they’re cast to play, and take what they can, when they can.

So what can we expect in Series Premiere of Biden, the President?

Here’s what’s on deck from now until the Midterms:

Shocking Betrayals!Expect clashes between the Democratic Party’s Average Joes (Biden!), Woke Mad Dogs (Harris!), Limousine Liberals (Warren!) and Card-carrying Communists (AOC!).

A house divided!Nothing pulls a political party apart faster than being in power. We’ll see a crack-up as Democrats make the tough compromises needed to rule the country.

Love on the rocks! Do you really think that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s marriage is built to last?

Jealousy and infidelity!Biden Cabinet members, flashy senators, and ambitious governors will do their best to outmaneuver one another to become Uncle Joe’s successor.

Catharsis! A fall from grace! Soon, in Trump’s Impeachment tiral, the Republicans will hit their rock bottom. 

Sparkling, pretty young things!When they do, new leaders will emerge to lead the GOP’s counter-attack from the back bench of American politics.

Animals, politics is no movie. Do not come looking around these parts for a hero to save the galaxy. This world is the animal kingdom, where survival is the first and only law. A good man is hard to find in Washington; but so too are in-the-flesh villains. 

What we’re here to talk about is the stuff in between, because that’s where the decisions are made, and where our predictions strike gold. 

Yes, it’s going to be a bumpy ride– but it always has been. So, what are you scared of? The show must go on.


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