Pod: Pardons & Inauguration Double Shot


Remember this day. It is by far the most special one since the day that Cooler Ranch Doritos were invented. Today we are releasing a DOUBLE PODCAST to cover the big moves and easy money happening surrounding DONALD TRUMP’S PARDONS and INAUGURATION DAY ACTION.

PART I – Pardons and Impeachment Teaser

  • Will Trump pardon himself?
  • What about “secret pardons”?
  • What about pardons for his family members?
  • What about that bro Russ Ulbricht?
  • + IMPEACHMENT teaser

PART II – Inauguration Day Bets

  • Polymarket, who we don’t give enough love to, has some amazing Inauguration Day free money bets.
  • Check it out and hear how we are parking our cheddar there for 10-20% 1-month gains.
  • + A few riskier, long-tail bets for the real savages.

Let’s rumble, boys!

And without further adou, here is your Golden Modelos podcast with iSavage and Pratik.

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