ZOLTAR: Secret Pardons Are FAKE NEWS


Secret pardons can be done in theory.  As far as we know they’ve never been tried by prior presidents (but maybe they have and are still secret) ….

However we do know that secret pardon has to be shared with person receiving pardon bc they’re allowed to reject it.  


We also know that a secret pardon would create more risks for being rejected bc the person receiving it must, when facing charges, present it to court and  prove its real (otherwise id just say I have a secret pardon to the judge to avoid charges the next time I get a DUI).   That in and of itself creates extra risk bc Court could reject pardon by concluding accused hadn’t proven it was valid (ie actually executed by trump during presidency).  

Also court could refuse to read constitutions failure to specifically allow (or even reference) secret pardons as permission to grant secret pardons. 

Courts could also, for public policy reasons that should be obvious, refuse to confirm precedent that would give green light to all future presidents to pardon all of their big dollar donors and friends in secret bc it would put doj in position where they are averse to pursuing federal charges against people connected to president bc doing so would likely cause doj to discover that they wasted time money and effort building case to bring charges against an ally of president only to find out no charges will stick bc they have a secret pardon. 

Last, none of the articles that I have seen re secret pardons cite any sources (even nytimes level “person familiar with trump thinking”) that suggest trump was told about secret pardons, advised to use secret pardons, or is even considering secret pardons.  

Instead the secret pardon articles basically claim – it’s possible to read constitution as allowing secret pardons…Trumps crazy so he’s gonna do it.

Here’s an example of the logic required for the Hill to allege trump will try secret pardon:

Literally pardon power section may allow for secret pardons,  Giuliani read constitution.  Therefore Trump’s gonna issue secret pardons.

Bottom line Zoltarmy it’s time for us to take down  most of the betting world in battle just like those naked dudes in the 300 movie….ride or die!  

Those who trust in Zoltar will be rewarded.  

PS – zoltar rule #38-  assume everyone is full of shit.  Proven true again.  To understand the depth of this reality check out the standard of journalism today for The Hill:


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