Everything We Don’t Know About the Biden Presidency

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Dear Political Animals,

Welcome to the Biden Era! I don not know if you are a big fan of watching the Fake News, but I will summarize 99% of the stories I have seen on it lately:

Now, let me be clear. It is entirely possible that everything is awesome. But just 3 days into the Biden Presidency, it is just too soon to tell.

In fact, there are a lot of questions about the direction of America that are wide-open, and will take some time to settle.

Even worse, the uncertainty of a new government means that we are in a very shaky moment for political bettors. Trump left office in a hurricane, and we are only now beginning the process of emerging from our collective basements, and shoving our national screen door open to see if the neighborhood is still standing.

I personally am hoping not to find a boat deposited in my front yard, or perhaps a crocodile crawling around in the Capitol where the MAGA storm surge deposited it.

So with that in mind, here are some big questions that I would like some answers to before I am ready to act like a political gambling alpha during the Biden Presidency:

Is Joe Biden actually the president? 
There are still abundant opportunities to wager that either Donald Trump or Kamala Harris is the real president. And while this is 100 percent ridiculous, it gets to a question that isn’t. Joe Biden’s Democratic Party has razor-thin majorities in both the House and Senate. So should we expect him to flex on partisan hardos and govern from the center– or to be an absolute ball of yarn for the kittens on the Left to bat around with their paws? 

What is the Republican Party?
Hurricane Trump has passed, but in its wake, the GOP is basically demolished. Literally cratered like a Mississippi fishing village. From what I can tell, the result of Trump’s apocalyptic storm surge was to reduce the surviving Republicans into rival war tribes fighting with splintered clubs for the crumbs of Ronald Reagan’s legacy. What do these people even want? Honestly, I have no clue. 

What is the role of Wokeness? 
Everyone knows that Democrats have been getting smoked by Evangelical Christians for decades. But when I heard Joe Biden’s Inaugural Address, I personally felt very confident saying that Democrats finally have their own block of religious fundamentalists — Evangelical Woke People. 

To illustrate this point, I went ahead and made some changes to Biden’s Inaugural Address. Amazing how much it sounds like a Baptist in the pulpit, right?

“A cry for racial justice some 400 years in the making moves us. The dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer.”

“A cry for CHRIST’S HEALING some 2000 years in the making moves us. The dream of SALVATION for all will be deferred no longer.”

“We can deliver racial justice.”

“We can deliver CHRIST’S LOVE.”

You get the idea. But I personally am not sure whether or not any of this woke stuff matters, due to the fact that politicians have a long history of pretending to be extremely religious but actually not caring at all. For example, the Republicans have broken decades of promises to Evangelical Christians about making it illegal to be gay or have an abortion.

So should we expect Democrats to break their promises to their Evangelicals too? Or are policy priorities around “justice” and “equality” the true center of Joe Biden’s America?

As long as corporate America and people with wealth are getting Woke, there’ll be a constituency to advance some policies that reflect that. How far will it go though? IDK boys. It’s still too soon to tell.


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