Are You On the Wrong Side of the Lisa Murkowski Rules Cuck?

Dearest Subscribers:

As the Impeachment trial begins and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is chirping like she might vote to convict Trump, the Fake News Media (FNM) has been reporting stories about her considering a departure from the Republican Party.

It’s been enough to launch this market.


The rules of this bet are an absolute Kodiak Bear trap. Zoltar, Pratik, and Keendawg recorded a brief bonus podcast for you to explain the situation and how to bet accordingly.



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2 thoughts on “Are You On the Wrong Side of the Lisa Murkowski Rules Cuck?

  1. Peep her website though, on her “About” page she signs off as her name (R – Alaska). Wouldn’t that count?
    Also, I doubt that PredictIt staff is scouring the internet daily for all Murkowski public appearances to see if she says that she is a Republican. The rules are really poorly written. If you take them verbatim then on the exact date of market close she would have to say “I identify as a Republican.” That would be absurd. PredictIt would more likely resolve it if she says something like that at any point between now and then and doesn’t retract it or say otherwise.
    So, this might be a stretch, but someone with thousands of dollars on the line who lives in DC or Alaska could walk up to her, ask if she is a Republican, and get the response on video and send it to PredictIt for resolution.. right? Or, perhaps even more simply, call her office and ask her staff (who would surely answer “yes”).. would that count?

    1. even more overt.. in a 1/3/2021 press release on her website it says “Murkowski will remain on ENR in the 117th Congress and will retain her role as the lead Republican on the Interior-Environment Appropriations Subcommittee.”
      So the way I understand it, if the market end date was today, it would by default resolve to YES. She would have to put out another statement or say something which contradicts her current identification as a Republican.

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