Pod: Get Jacked on Confirmations, Impeachment & COVID Relief


As of today, the Senate is officially going to be pumping legislative iron harder than Stallone in the Rocky IV training montage, which is easily the greatest 7 minutes of cinema in the history of life.

Beginning this week, the Senate must:

  • Sprint on the legislative treadmill to get Joe Biden’s cabinet confirmed
  • Clean-and-jerk themselves through a $2 trillion COVID relief package
  • Bench press Trump’s second impeachment trial

All of these news stories are ripe with betting opportunities, and that’s what this podcast is all about. The only question is — where will your money be at the end of the fight?


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2 thoughts on “Pod: Get Jacked on Confirmations, Impeachment & COVID Relief

  1. Can I have 50 minutes of my life back? This podcast contained zero useful information. You are clearly only barely a dilettante when it comes to knowledge of how Congress really works. You sure are promoting the heck out of your website and podcasts on PredictIt and Twitter, but man, there is no substance to your advice whatsoever. Total waste of time.

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