How to Understand the Senate in 10 Mins or Less


On Monday we dropped a podcast about the Senate confirmation process and how to bet on it responsibly. Since then we’ve been flooded with DMs asking for more. Here is an emergency podcast to bring you the alpha by teaching you…



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3 thoughts on “How to Understand the Senate in 10 Mins or Less

  1. Wow, it’s amazing how devoid of any real substance your podcasts are, despite being so loooong. You act like you have some great inside knowledge of how Congress works, but after listening to a few of these boring, empty acts of verbal onanism, I can conclude only that you actually know almost nothing about how Congress really works. What a waste of time.

  2. Thank you for this excellent share. I guess the question is then, all other things being equal and knowing what we know today, assuming no further major “weather condition changes”… who are the nominees that are not even out of committee yet, and of those, who are the lowest priority (ie. least important) nominees to be confirmed (by March 1st)? Does your opinion from a few days ago about the 5 nominees you are holding NOs still hold? Any others you would be betting NO on right now?

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