Pod: 7 Ways to Bet & Win Money on Trump’s Impeachment Trial and the GOP’s Dysfunction


Today, Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial begins, and with it, 7 betting markets are ripening for action on PredictIt and Polymarket. Obviously, this podcast is going to be a clinic on how to pipe these lines harder than Tampa Bay piped Patrick Mahomes’s passing game on Sunday.

And we’ve brought in a ringer to help us.

Joining the SSG boys is Jonathan V. Last, editor of The Bulwark, the home of the #NeverTrump Republican movement.

Jonathan has been covering DC politics for 20+ years and is an absolute savage, both at giving insights and positioning them for winners.

On this podcast, we’ll cover betting action related to:

  • How many Republicans will vote to convict?
  • Will Ben Sasse, Rob Portman, Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, Pat Toomey and/or Richard Burr vote to convict?
  • Who will Republicans run for President in 2024?
  • Is there enough cocaine in Florida to get Don Jr. to run for office?
  • Generally speaking, wtf is wrong with Republicans right now?

This is an absolute banger of a podcast. LFG, Boys!!!


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