Here’s a Better Way to Bet on Andrew Cuomo’s Problems


I listened to the most recent SSG podcast (thanks for the invite, guys)… and Zoltar is likely right that Andrew Cuomo won’t resign because of his scandals. But just buying and holding YES in this market is a pretty bad play if you’re betting on politics to make money.



The real money is in playing the news. Cuomo’s market has been pretty consistently bouncing each time a story breaks. Look at this volatility:


I see a lot of swings to play.

Keendawg, Zoltar, and Pratik are good predictors but there is a reason why I am the SSG title belt holder. Really there is only one champ, and that is me.


So yes, it’s probably true that Cuomo isn’t going anywhere. But don’t just buy and hold. Be an alpha. I tweeted about how to do this a while ago, which you can read here:

It’s textbook stuff from the title belt champ (no, I am not giving it back, Keendawg).


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