Win $200 in Our Political March Madness Pool


Do you want to win $200 of our money?

Well, SSG Title Belt holder Gaeten Dugas has arranged our first annual March Madness of Political Gambling. This is your chance to fill out a bracket and get in the pool.

This year’s tournament will decide who is the TOP POLITICIAN SINCE 2008 is with a $200 CASH PRIZE to the WINNING BRACKET. No entry fee — just clean alpha for the Boys.

Entries are due MONDAY

Put another way, the Greatest Pols of the Obama-Trump-Biden-era will face off in a win-or-go-home tournament, decided by YOU… and where the winners will receive $200 of our money.


  • Gaeten has seeded the tournament
  • Match-ups will be polled on Twitter. Rounds 1 & 2 will be polled on Gaeten and SSG’s accounts jointly. From the Sweet 16 on, the SSG’s account will host all matchups.


Do not miss this exciting and hilarious nerd orgy, where you can win $200 of Gaeten and Keendawg’s money.

Enter your bracket today.


PS – special thanks to trader David Glidden (@dglid) for building the bracket form.

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