Your California Recall Playbook is Here


Unless you are a total bonehead, then you are aware that Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA), who looks like an ’80s cocaine dealer, is facing a recall election in California.

The main reason why voters have turned against Newsom is that he has been trafficking some extremely restrictive COVID polices into the Golden State, while smuggling his family and donors into places that these same restrictions have closed, like schools and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Ordinarily it is safe to assume that pretty much everything happening in California politics is either phony propaganda from a deranged Republican Party that is literally dying of thirst in the Mojave Desert, or another war party of woke Democrats who are looking to commit some honor killings in the name social justice.

Not this time though. The polls are showing Newsom dangerously close to losing office to Republican Larry Elder, which is why we have a massive chubby for a number of betting markets that you can find on PredictIt and Polymarket that will track the outcome of this election.

Let’s be clear: ballots are being counted as we speak. So please put down your churro and starting betting now, before the smart money beats you to the tasty payout you deserve.

So to help you get into that winner circle for this California Gold Rush, listen to the podcast below and commit every word of it to memory.

Honestly, you could either stake a claim at Sutter’s Mill or just subscribe to SSG. Making gold bricks is extremely easy either way, especially with the likes of SHARKO RUBIO and DOMER joining to unpack the markets surrounding this high-profile election in California, including:

  • Will Newsom hold on?
  • Will he win San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento Counties
  • Who will get seocnd place?



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