5 Bets to Make if You Think Joe Biden is in Deep Trouble


I have never been a huge fan of learning. Let me be clear about that. But this podcast is basically a summer report card for President Joe Biden and you need to listen to it ASAP.

The reason why? Uncle Joe has basically had his face ripped-off all summer long, and has been getting absolutely piped by the brutal reality of being president. When you have to make every tough call that literally no other human being alive is willing to make, then you’re gonna lay a few eggs.

For example, a few controversial things going on right now are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Inflation
  • Dealing with psycho Critical Race Theory conspiracies
  • Clapping back at Texas abortion activists

I am not saying that Joe Biden has blown all of these. What I am saying is that his polling numbers are deeper in the well than that Samara chick from The Ring, and that means you absolutely need to adjust your betting strategy.

So here you go. 5 Bets to Make if You Think Joe Biden is in Deep Trouble. And if you think he is crushing it, here are 5 bets to take the other way. Just deal with it and get rich, you animals.



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