Here’s another dunker for you in California


Gavin Newsom may be the Governor of California but I am the King of the West Coast. SSG headquarters is located in LA, specifically the South Bay, where I spend approximately 99 percent of my time slamming Modelos and/or searching for gas that is cheaper than $5-per-gallon.

Anyway, on the subject of Gavin Newsom’s California Recall, there are a few things you need to know about before we get to this little California Gold rush on Polymarket:

  • I also made a controversial prediction that Orange County would vote to recall Gavin Newsom, even though pretty much all of the nerds in political gambling have it going the other way. Whatever. They probably can’t even surf, never smoked weed until loser politicians made it legal, and think that Ska music is dead (Reel Big Fish should get their own Institute at the Smithsonian). So honestly what do they know about Orange County?

But controversy aside — there is an absolute free money ATM waiting for you. Check it out:

Will Gavin Newsom get at least 54% support in his recall election?

Animals, let me be very clear about what you need to do with the next 15 minutes of your life:

  • Sell your car
  • Sell your house
  • Sell your kids
  • & lever up

This one is an absolute lock.

California’s recall got away from the Republicans a long time ago and IMO, Gavin Newsom is going to win by at least 10. The polls think it’s going to be even worse.

Here is FiveThirtyEight’s composite:

And here is RealClear Politics’s:

Now, I know what you are thinking: “Keendawg, polls are fake and are always wrong.”

And while it is true that most polls are basically failed condoms for political forecasting, the actual ballot data is even worse for Republicans than the polling numbers.

According to PDI, Newsom is leading by an almost 2-to-1 margin. This will narrow on election day, when most Republicans vote, but it is still insurmountable in a state that went D+29 in 2020 and is basically flirting with hardline communism. The point is that Gavin Newsom is going to win this thing by a lot.

I asked Friend of the Blog IABVEK what he thought and his response was clear: “I think it {the recall} will fail by 17.” If you’re an OG gambler then you know he is rarely wrong.

Newsom +4? The Dems are going to spank that margin like it’s their ding-dong at summer camp, 2 hours after lights out.

Like I said:

  • Sell your car
  • Sell your house
  • Sell your kids
  • & lever up

Newsom wins by way more than 4.


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