3 Bets to Make on the Perfect Debt Ceiling Storm


As you know, I am basically the #1 predictor of what Congress will do. It is honestly shocking that Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell don’t ring me up every morning to ask me what their next move is going to be. That is the main reason why you are in luck to receive this absolute banger of a podcast.

On this week’s SSG, Gaeten Dugas joins to discuss how you can turn these two markets into your personal ATM:

This is a big deal because basically no one in the Fake News Media (FNM) is willing to stake their reputation on predicting one of Congress’s all-time most gnarly legislative logjams.

By that I mean I mean, the triple-banger of:

  • A debt ceiling increase due by late October
  • A continuing resolution to fund the government due by the end of September
  • A $3.5T “human infrastructure” bill that President Joe Biden kinda went to sleep on

This is some serious business, not just for our leaders, but also for bettors. And it also connects to some other betting markets that we’ll be picking:

Pretty much everyone in Washington is wetting the bed over the uncertainty surrounding these major initiatives. Not us. Here’s your guide to profiting in the jungle:


Now, once you have clocked those gains, we have VANILLA VICE joining the pod to talk about a new form of degeneracy that he has turned into a major profit center: betting on hurricanes.

The world is changing, Animals. And as new exchanges come online, so do broader and broader prediction markets. Vice pretty much has the hurricane game cracked, and there are still some nice 50/50 bets to make on how this season will go.

So do not miss this chance to up-skill yourselves in a brand of prediction market that is going to be here for the long haul.

Learn his craft so that your bank account will experience a storm surge of cash and not a category 5 cuckening.

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