Everything You Need to Know About the Debt Ceiling But Are Afraid to Ask


Congress and President Joe Biden are in a truly massive pickle right now as they deal with the debt ceiling, a “human infrastructure” reconciliation bill, and the annual federal budget. And we’re answering all of your questions about betting on this fiscal pile-up right here:

Here’s the quick and dirty…

Basically, a gigantic Mexican standoff is happening between Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell over our national finances, and everything is connected.

Uncle Joe wants to spend $3.5T on something called “human infrastructure,” but no one actually knows what that word means, so the Dems are basically just complaining a lot.

And the Republicans, led by Mitch McConnell, are also acting like big time winers. They think this whole idea is bananas and are threatening to kill any increase to the national Debt Limit unless Uncle Joe forgets about the whole “human infrastructure” thing entirely (Joe Biden can be v forgetful).

The daily panic over financial doom is producing a uniquely awesome betting environment, and you need to get woke on how to profit from this hysteria ASAP.

In this episode, you will receive the answers to all of your questions about:

  • When will the Debt Ceiling be increased, and will it be in time to avoid a national default?
  • When will Joe Biden’s reconciliation bill be finished?
  • How big will it be?
  • Will various tax & regulatory schemes be included in it?
  • How can you profit by betting on all of the above

It is an honest-to-god feeding frenzy for those who are willing to get in the game.


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