We Already Know the Result of Britney Spears’ Hearing Today


Some bum on CNN told me this morning that it is National Coffee Day. That is 100% fake news. Today is National #FreeBritney Day.

Yes, the much awaited Britney Spears hearing that many people think will end her father’s control over he life is happening today at 4:30 PT in Los Angeles.

Our resident attorney, Zoltar, has been combing-through court filings all year to get ready for this event.

But forecasting its outcome is no small task…

The road got extremely bumpy this past week when Hulu and the New York Times released some damning information about potential legal abuses by Jamie Spears and his team. Needless to say, this has made predicting the outcome of today’s trial — and betting on it smartly — a dangerous affair.

But SSG is not a place where beta males go to hedge their opinions and talk about privilege. This is where the big dawgs play for keeps. So before you say something dumb to your coworkers or risk your own coin betting this outcome — be sure to hear Zoltar’s analysis of how to make sure your money is SMART money.

It’s 15 minutes that could save you $15 or more on your betting problem.

Do not miss this.



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